Homemade Bird Feeders


Homemade bird feeders are a great way to spend your free time. You can build a few bird feeders with your kids, hang them on a tree and watch as the wild birds come to visit your homemade bird feeders. You don’t only spend quality free time with your kids, you also help wild birds survive the harsh winter.

In summer birds have no problem finding food. They can find tons of seeds or insects. During winter it’s a different story. Not much food is available in the wild and by hanging up some homemade bird feeders, you help birds getting through the cold days. Below you can find some instructions on how to build homemade bird feeders out of simple materials. Have fun.

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Cytrus Bird Feeder

Although a citrus bird feeder is easy to make, it can be a great homemade bird feeder. Birds won’t know the difference between a wooden bird feeder and this one. This one is also a great project for kids. They will need adult assistance however.



To build a citrus bird feeder, you need:

  • Bird seed
  • one grapefruit
  • an ice pick
  • a pencil
  • berries and fruit pieces
  • some string

Cut the grapefruit in half and remove the fruit. This way you get only the shell. Poke three holes around the upper edge with an ice pick. It’s best if adults do that part of the project. Tie the string through each hole and secure them with a knot. Now join the three strings at the top. Poke a pencil through the grapefruit so it sticks out on both ends. This will be the perch. Now just tie your new bird feeder to a branch and fill it with bird seed, berries and fruit pieces. As soon as the birds eat all the seeds you can refill your new homemade bird feeder.



Popcorn Bird Feeder

this homemade bird feeder is one of the easier projects suited for younger children. Adults can help, although not much help will be needed.




To make a popcorn bird feeder, you need:

  • popcorn
  • some string
  • a needle

Leave the popcorn out for a few days, so it dries a little. This way it’s easier to work with it. Now use the needle, to string popcorn together. As soon as you get a long chain, hang it on a tree like Christmas lights. You can also use fruit pieces or berries to thread it in between the popcorn.


Recycled milk carton bird feeder

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Pine Cone Bird Feeders

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